ordinary day
today I woke up at about 10.30 o clock. I went to see my friend who I was going to go to the cinema with. as always I was late, eating cheese sandwiches and drinking juice in hurry. I wanted to look good so I quickly made an
 eye make up and dressed up. I ran to my bus stop and when my bus came I felt relief - I wasnt late :D

all my way in the bus I was listening to music - as everyday. in 10mins I got out of my bus in the city center. I had to use tram, but firstly I bought an one month ticket and realized that from 10 days I was using public transport with unactual ticket. I also bought my favourite face-cream. when I came back to tram stop my tram was already gone. I was waiting for other one to come when I saw someone who I used to love a half year ago. I felt really strange, like having heart attack or even worse. Im not sure if he recognized me but possibly he did ;) i had to use the same tram and in this tram I got a little bit hurt by tram doors which made me look quite stiupid:D and I also looked like someone with parkinson - I was shaking in stress, I dont know why(see = thats my luck). I met him something like a month ago and I felt ok, Im not even thinking of him. Im a really weird person.

Anyway, then I met my friend by the cinema city building. she bought nachos for us and we went to see the film. It was really interesing ("Dream House"), I liked it a lot. then we were just like walking through the whole building with no idea what to do. at 16 I went home. I was feeling weird. 

nothing interesing to write, thats all I can say about today.. Im going to party on monday so meybe then there will be more to write about.

now i took a shower and I think I will do some exercises and read a book:) and write to my bf, because I was a little bit unkind,but still

so happy that today we're changing the clocks and we're sleeping longer :D:D 

Im in love with "Someone like you"



musical instruments
Do you play a musical instrument? For how long?
I used to play on violines (6 years) and piano (2 years) when I was 6-12 . I went to music school while playing this instruments ;)


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